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Branding a business when cash is low

"Small businesses gets hit hardest by a slow economy" This is true in any country. South Africa in 2016 is no different.

It is in tough times where you prepare yourself for the prosperous times ahead. Change your strategy, you can grow your business during this time and you will reap the rewards. 'Making it through the month' is not a dream, 'Thriving' is.

Thriving means people need to know about you, and they need to be reminded of you and what you do. You do not need to spend more money branding your business, but you need to spend it correctly. Every business wants to grow, and in a slow economy, making the wrong decisions are costly and the right ones open more doors. Spend time on your business’ image – there is a perfect branding solution to improve and grow your venture.

How to go about advertising with flags

People often get the purpose of flags wrong.

Nothing says "My business is open and possibly very exciting" better than a flag. It attracts attention, even if its just for a second it might be worth your while. It works extremely well for sponsored events, also because of its mobility.

So why would you not spend your budget on flags? Because they fade, no matter what anyone tells you, they do not last long. If you can find a flag that stays in a good condition for a year in South Africa, you’re doing well. If you however do not use your flag(s) everyday, you should have it for years.

The most important part of a flag is that it moves, only second to that is what’s on it. – Keep the info as minimal as possible on a flag. Have you ever stopped and trotted down an e-mail address from a flag? No. Less really is more. A logo, a word, or even a simple picture is what takes someone to the next phase of customer retention. And that’s what you want to do.

Weigh up the pro’s and cons of having flags for business, especially if you’re deciding between a few options. If you’re budget allows it, get them and sponsor a bowls game.

New Business Venture...Okay!

If you’re not excited at this point, then re-think it, maybe the plan wasn’t ready yet.

If you are, great! You need this energy and positivity to make the correct decisions. You are in fact now, the new kid in the class. A bit of attitude and a tan always helped them! Pimples, sitting in the corner, easing into things, didn’t. Get your marketing plan set-up and your advertising budget straight. Step into the class YOUR way. A good plan and a good attitude is what you need now.

The Legacy of Spacing

Getting the spacing on your signage right is a small story of who you are and how you do your work. It’s the truth. Get the spacing correct on signage. That little piece of attention to detail, will bring you the clients you want. They are where they are because of attention to detail. Get the spacing correct on your signage. It pays.

If you are not sure how, ask a graphic designer for help/advice.

Branded Pens

People underestimate the power of branded pens. Who doesn’t like a free pen when it works nicely? Everyone appreciates a good gift.

Make sure the pen you decided on, does work, and is nice. Don’t look for a rural Pakastani orphanage that supplies pens at 10cents each. That pen that doesn’t work will be affiliated with your ‘expensive rates for cheap service’. Trusted suppliers only stock value products however. It’s an easy exercise, and it’s not expensive. The positives of pen branding are greater than you think.


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